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History, principles, practices, and design principles

The evolution and practice of Anji Play and True Play are described in the two "about" sections accessible through the homepage. 

Study Tour dates

Semi-annual Study Tours are the best way to gain in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the history and practice of Anji Play.

TruePlay2020 Conference: July 10-12, 2020 Madison, WI!

Piloting Anji Play

The piloting process begins with the completion of a questionnaire and a one hour phone interview. 

Materials purchase and environmental consulting services 

Materials and environmental consulting services are available to non-pilot programs on a case-by-case basis. This process begins with the completion of a questionnaire and a one hour phone interview..

Professional Development

Updates about professional development opportunities will be shared through our newsletter, on our social media streams, through the link above, and on the True Play Community Network. 

Community of Practice 

The True Play Community Network is a free platform that allows educators, parents, advocates, and researchers to connect and share their discoveries, questions, and approaches. 

Sharing Anji Play with others 

This guide for parents and advocates answers many of the questions that people ask about Anji Play. Before you begin to share your excitement about the possibilities of Anji Play with your community, we suggest that you spend time exploring these resources. 


Information about the research stance of Anji Play, presentations about Anji Play from leading researchers, and an evolving bibliography of peer reviewed research. 

People and Organizations

Information about the core team and organizations leading the work of Anji Play and True Play.

Requests for images, texts or videos

We provide non-exclusive use of images, texts, and videos on a case-by-case basis.


  • Teacher to student ratio in Anji

  • Relationship between Anji Play and other approaches and philosophies

  • Visits to Anji Play Programs outside of Anji County

  • Visits to Anji County outside of Study Tour dates

  • And other topics

For speaking engagements and press inquiries please contact:  
To submit a research proposal please contact: 
To request images or texts for republication please contact: