• Lisser Hal - 5000 McArther
  • Oakland, CA 94613

Program at a Glance:

9:00 Welcome, Tasha Henneman, Ed.D. Education and Health Policy Advisor for City of Berkeley Office of the Mayor and Clarissa Doutherd, Executive Director, Parent Voices Oakland

9:10 The Value of Risk in Children’s Play, Peter Mangione, Ph.D., Co-director of WestEd Center for Child and Family Studies

9:30 The Power of Play Memories, Julie Nicholson, Ph.D., Director, Center for Play Research, Mills College

10:00 The History of AnjiPlay, Chelsea Bailey, Ph.D., Independent Scholar and American Liasion for AnjiPlay

10:30 AnjiPlay: Joy, Love, Risk and True Play in Anji China, Cheng (Angela) Xueqin

11:30 Q & A with Ms. Cheng

12:00 Closing Remarks

AnjiPlay is a comprehensive play-driven curriculum developed over the past 14 years in 128 public preschools serving 14,000 children 3-6 years old in the primarily rural county of Anji in eastern China. Under the guidance of visionary regional director Cheng (Angela) Xueqin and a core group of school leaders, the schools began a process of reform based in the belief that it is the fundamental right of children to play. Ms. Cheng's work has dramatically changed the practices of early education in Anji and radically challenged the educational practices of the whole country. In 2014, Ms, Cheng’s work was honored with the highest recognition in education in China, the Presidential Teaching Award, and the Ministry of Education is moving to adopt critical elements of her curriculum for the entire nation’s young children. Ms. Cheng will share the core practices of this extraordinary example of authentic engagement with the nature and process of children’s lives through play. Her work is rapidly capturing the imagination of the country as it inspires a generation of scholars, administrators and educators to see children and learning in a whole new light.