Piloting the Anji Play Approach means authentically engaging with the philosophy, practices, and materials that define Anji Play. While that process may take place incrementally, over many years, the expectation of all Pilot relationships is that the Pilot Program commit to full adoption of the approach, and to the curricula and specific practices that develop from that process.  


As part of the piloting process, Anji Play representatives provide a framework and protocols for a reflective practice built on best practices that have developed both in Anji, and in programs applying the Anji Play philosophy and approach outside of Anji County. This piloting process may require services like coaching, professional development, online participation, visits to Anji, and other Anji Play sites, the purchase or leasing of materials, environmental changes, changes to schedules and routines, and other specific services.

All Pilot Programs are encouraged to share their work with the broader community of Anji Play and True Play practitioners and researchers, and are provided with frequent opportunities to engage with their colleagues around the world.


The piloting process begins with the completion of this questionnaire and registering for one-hour phone or video interview. While this interview is necessary, it does not guarantee that we can provide specific support for your True Play journey outside of the resources we provide through our websites and partner organizations.

After that initial interview, we will work with your program to design a plan of implementation that is specifically tailored to your needs and resources.

Pilot Programs that grow to serve as a model for the study and practice of Anji Play are designated Anji Play Demonstration Programs.

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Current Anji Play Demonstration Programs:

  • Madison Public Library “Wild Rumpus” program, Madison, WI

  • The British International School Budapest Early Years Program, Budapest, Hungary

Current Anji Play Pilot Programs:

  • One City Schools, Madison, WI

  • Contra Costa College Early Learning Center, San Pablo, CA

  • Wu Yee Children’s Services, San Francisco, CA

  • KidZCommunity, Placer and Nevada Counties, CA

  • El Mundo De Ninos, Madison, WI

  • Duck’s Nest Preschool, Berkeley, CA

  • Northern Onondaga Public Library, Cicero, NY

  • AnjiTa Child Development Foundation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania