A range of presentations on the history, practice and implications of Anji Play

Recent articles and reflections on Anji Play


To Really Learn, Our Children Need the Power of Play, Doyle and Sahlberg, Wall Street Journal (08/08/2019)

How a True Play Revolution Can Protect Childhood, Dr. Denisha Jones, Defending the Early Years (06/18/2019)

Youth Ambassador Explores the Beauty of Anji Play, Jordy Angel Coldwell, HundrED (06/06/2019)

Love, Risk, Joy, Engagement, and Reflection, Wu Yee Children’s Services (05/29/2019)

A Play and Learning Revolution, Suzanne Axelsson, Interaction Imagination (05/21/2019)

Anji Play: Transforming the Teacher-Student Relationship, Adam Yukelson, Presencing Institute (11/07/2018)