AnjiPlay World is currently accepting applications for the Anji Play Revolutionary Leadership Training Program. This 15-month intensive professional development experience provides committed participants with an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the history, philosophy and practices of the Anji Play Approach to early education and prepare them to share the approach with others.

The program offers a total of 500 contact hours which includes three in-person learning retreat intensives, monthly online seminars, weekly assignments, as well as ongoing one on one and cohort support and feedback.

After successful completion of the program and participation in an Anji Play Study Tour, participants will be eligible to receive Anji Play Leadership Certification. This certification will allow participants to offer training to other educators in the principles and practices of the Anji Play Approach and to take on a leadership role in the international Anji Play True Play movement.

Program components:

  • Revolutionary Leadership Retreat Intensives

    • 4 day/3 night in-person retreat

    • held in locations near pilot sites

    • interactive work with pilot sites and pilot site leaders and educators

    • deep dive work with the core principles and the daily practices of Anji Play

    • training in the personal and collective work of revolutionary leadership

    • hands-on exploration of Anji Play materials

  • Monthly group 3-hour online cohort learning courses

  • Weekly asynchronous video and photo posting, reflection, analysis and feedback

  • One-on-one support as needed

  • Ongoing cohort support and feedback

Program Content:

  • Deep Dives into Love, Risk, Joy, Engagement, Reflection as Guides to Leadership

  • Recovering the Deep Meaning of Play

  • The Personal Play Revolution

  • Global Play Movements

  • Understanding Anji Play in Relation to Other Play Driven Curricula

  • The Global and Local Politics of Childhood

  • Ecologies of Change

  • Internal and External Obstacles to Change

  • Minimally Structured Leadership

  • Global Collaborations for Meaningful Change    

Leadership Retreat Intensive locations: Northern California (March 2019), Madison, Wisconsin (August 2019), and Dublin, Ireland (June 2020)

Program Fee: $4000 per person

This fee includes all costs with the exception of travel to learning retreat locations and cost of the study tour to Anji China, which will be offered to participants at a significant discount.*

We are currently accepting applications for the Leadership Training Program. We will review applications, interview applicants and offer invitations to participate in the program on a rolling basis. However, we have established the following deadlines.

  • January 1, 2019: deadline for submission of application

  • March 7-10, 2019: program begins with retreat in Northern California

Payment schedule:

  • $400.00 payment (10%) is due on applicant’s acceptance of offer to participate. Decision must be made by applicant within fifteen days of receiving offer to participate.

  • $1,000.00 payment (25%) is due February 15, 2019.

  • $1,600.00 payment (40%) is due June 1, 2019.

  • $1,000.00 payment (25%) is due January 1, 2020.

  • A discounted rate of $3,750.00 is available to those participants who wish to pay for the full cost of the program by February 15, 2019.

Send program-specific inquiries to

*All lodging is double occupancy.